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Learning Spanish is an experience that everyone should have! That is why we are offering you an immersion in the language with native teachers willing to adapt to your needs. We are in Antigua, Guatemala and can teach online or in person!
Learning Packages:
20-hours for 1500 Quetzales (less than $10 or €8 per hour!)
You choose when to study!
10-hours for 1000 Quetzales (around $12 or €10 per hour!)
You choose when to study!
Individual classes are $15/€13 an hour
Face-to-face classes
Planning a trip to a Latin country like Guatemala? Interested in learning about the culture and history? This is the perfect opportunity to do so while learning a new language! Our teachers are available for students at all levels.
We have a basic plan of 4 hours a day, for 5 days a week, for only 2000 Qutzales a week (less than $260/€220)!
Free classes
We have free classes every month teaching the cuisine, history, and touring the ruins of Guatemala!

choose the best plan for you

  • 5 hours

    Ideal to start with a language inmersion
    Valido para 5 semanas
  • 10 hours

    Valido para 10 semanas
  • Group Classes

    Two classes a week in a group
    Válido por 3 meses
  • Face-to-face classes

    Ideal to start with a language inmersion
    Válido por una semana
  • Free class

    Trial class, 30 minutes for new students
    Plan gratis
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